The Smart LMI project has developed 2 reports as part of this initial output.

Research findings are presented in a report which will conclude with a technical specification for the app (including a list of possible data sources and their usage) which has also fed into the app development phase.

The report findings have also supported a framework for good practice in digital skills assessment which formed the starting point for the development of the skills assessment used in the project app. The best practices identified in the research report also inform the CPD webinars delivered as part of the dissemination strategy.


The report will research how LMI is used in digital tools across Europe. Of particular concern will be the data sources used, the technical requirements surrounding the tools, how resources are future-proofed and the policy frameworks supporting these practices


The Smart LMI Research Reports have also fed into additional project outputs, informing and supporting the development of assets such as the Smart LMI Web App and

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